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Back to School: Helpful Links from Therapists Across the Country

We are just over three weeks from the start of the new school year for children who reside in the school district where my office is located.    What is your family experiencing as you prepare to send your children back to school?  Are you anticipating any struggles this year?

You may have read some of my most recent posts (links below) addressing tips for helping children head back to school with less stress, but I also wanted to share tips from my colleagues.   I reached out to therapists across the country inviting them to contribute a post to be included in my list of links and was happy with the response I received.  I hope you will find this list to be as helpful as I think it is.   There is a little something for everyone contained in this list.

Natasha Daniels of Anxious Toddlers is my go-to expert on the subject of anxiety.   She doesn’t just write about anxiety in our little ones.    Natasha gave me permission to share the following links with you: How to Calm First Day of School Worries and My Stomach Hurts.  I can’t go to school.

The question of how much to “do” for our children comes up in many scenarios, including school related tasks.  Michael Formica (Pennsylvania) addresses this in his post Overparenting Can Make Kids Helpless.   

Julie Safranski (Illinois) has over 20 years of experience working in schools.     In her recent post, Julie addresses the parent-teacher relationship.   Read How to Make a Strong Parent-Teacher Partnership by clicking here.

Mercedes Samudio, a parenting coach from California, shares six tips to reduce homework battles in her video, Homework Time: 6 Tips to Reduce Stress for You and Your Child

Angelica Shiels is a psychologist from Maryland who has written a lot about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which can definitely contribute to struggles in school.   Here are some of the links that Dr.  Shiels shared with me for purposes of this post: Practical Tips for Parents of Kids with ADHD and Help My Son has ADHD and his teacher makes him feel like a horrible kid and Jimmy’s Secret: Why the Red, Yellow, Green Behavioral System doesn’t work (Diary entry from the child’s perspective)

Naphtali Roberts (California) shared two links related to the college bound student10 Signs of College Admissions Anxiety and How to Help Your Child and A Family Guide for Starting College

Thank you to each of the above therapists for giving me permission to include their links.  If you missed them, here are links to my most recent posts addressing school-related topics.

Preparing to Send Your Child to Kindergarten

Children & Stressors:  Begining of the School Year

Children & Stressors: Social Interactions

I hope heading back to school is a relatively smooth transition for your family and that you found the above links to be helpful as you prepare.  If your family struggles more than you expect, please do not hesitate to reach out for support.


3 thoughts on “Back to School: Helpful Links from Therapists Across the Country

  1. I work with students (young and old) who have difficulty with transitions, so these are great links to have as a reference. Thank you!

  2. Kim, transitions are certainly difficult for most of us, regardless of age. 🙂 I am happy that you found these links helpful.

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