“There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus

Change is on my mind lately.   Mostly because I have a couple of significant changes in the works for my practice over the coming months.  Details of the upcoming changes can be found at the end of this post, but for now let’s reflect on change you and your families may be experiencing.

What changes are you or your loved ones experiencing right now?   Have you allowed yourself or your loved ones the time and space to reflect on, process and adjust to these changes?  Often times, we get caught up in all the details that need to be taken care of and we don’t allow ourselves to truly take the time needed to experience changes and to fully consider the ways we can ensure that a change goes as smoothly as possible for all involved.

Change can be especially difficult for children.   Children tend to thrive when they have as much consistency, structure and routine as possible.   But, it is not possible to shelter our children from all change.   Change happens all around us on a regular basis.   As adults, we can help children prepare for change in ways that may make it easier for them.   Additionally, adults can help children develop the skills to cope with change in healthy ways.

Each individual and family has different needs in terms of what helps them respond to change in the way that is best for them.  The following questions are designed to help you consider how change may be impacting you, your child and your family right now and to help you identify effective ways that your family can prepare for and cope with changes in the future.

  • What changes are you or your family members experiencing?   (Think big and small. Remember that what you consider a small change may be very significant to your child)
  • Which changes seem to be affecting you and your family members the most?   How can you tell?
  • How were the decisions about these changes made?
  • How were the changes communicated to family members?
  • What are the thought and feelings you and your family members have about these changes?
  • How are you preparing yourself for the changes?  How are you helping others prepare?
  • What do you know about what helps you and your family members adjust well when there is a change?
  • Based on previous experience, what do you know are barriers to you or your family members successfully navigating change?
  • If a change has recently occurred within your family, reflect back on the entirety of the experience from decision to make a change being made to the change being implemented.  What did you learn from the experience?

Based on the thoughts generated by the above questions, are there ways in which you and your family could respond to change in new ways in the future?

If your family is having difficulty adjusting to a change, please feel free to reach out to learn about how counseling could be of help to you.   I can be reached at 952-457-2322 or

So what are the changes coming to Sarah Leitschuh Counseling, LLC?

In March 2015, Sarah Leitschuh Counseling, LLC is beginning the process of moving to a new location in Eagan, Minnesota (4590 Scott Trail, Suite 200, Eagan, MN 55122).  The Bursnville office will continue to be used for some March appointments,  but I will be fully transitioning to the Eagan location by 4/1/15.   Additionally, in April, I will begin offering some Thursday appointments.     I am excited that the location of my new office will offer new opportunities to share space and collaborate with other business owners who work with families.    I also hope that by adding additional hours on Thursdays that I’ll be able to work with more clients and supervisees while also offering more scheduling flexibility to existing clients.   As you can see from the below pictures, the office is a work in progress.   Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks and months.IMAG1353IMAG1352

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