Periodically Sarah Leitschuh Counseling, PLLC offers workshops at the Eagan office location or elsewhere in the community.

People often wonder why I offer free or low cost workshops instead of just focusing on providing therapy.   The answer to this question is not simple.   There are multiple reasons I continue to offer workshops.   Here’s is my attempt to offer a partial explanation and convey to you the passion and energy that I bring to my workshops.

  1. I love connecting with and supporting other parents and professionals that are trying their best to support children and adolescents.  Workshops allow me to connect with a larger audience at once.
  2. Not every family will benefit from or need my counseling services, but we all benefit from learning skills to improve our ability to talk about and cope with emotions, developing strong relationship skills and prioritizing self care.   Workshops allow me to transfer the information and skills that I have acquired as a therapist into more of an educational format to be shared with those who may not need therapy at this time.

Upcoming Workshops

Just like the kids, I am taking a summer break and will not be presenting any workshops during the summer months.  Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to have me come share a workshop with your group.

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