Gift of self care

Giving the Gift of Self Care

Have you ever considered giving the gift of self care?    The gift of self care is a gift that encourages someone to prioritize his or her self care.  Self care is purposeful action that an individual takes to ensure their well-being.   Well-being can include; emotional health, mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.     Given this definition of self care and a little creativity, there are many possibilities for how we can give someone the gift of self care.

3 appealing things about the gift of self care

  1. It can be given year round. There is no need for a special occasion to give the gift of self care.
  2. This gift fits any budget. You can give the gift of self care without spending any money.
  3. You can give it to yourself or others!

Why should you consider giving the gift of self care?

Self care is essential in maintaining one’s own wellbeing and ensuring that we are available to support our loved ones.   It can be easy to put self care on the back burner and make excuses for why we can’t make time for self care.  But, generally people aren’t inclined to refuse a good gift, so if we give someone the gift of self care they may be more likely to use it.     Don’t forget that children need self care, too!

What could the gift of self care look like?

Please note, several of these ideas are free or low cost and others have greater monetary value.

  • Be present, listen, provide emotional support and directly encourage loved ones to prioritize their self care.
  • Share a personal experience about how you’ve utilized self care practices to enhance your well being in order to motivate someone to do the same.
  • Offer to watch a loved one’s child, so that your loved one has time to complete a self care practice that he or she finds effective. Also, consider volunteering to run an errand, prepare a healthy meal or help with cleaning to help loved ones free up time for self care.
  • Invite a loved one to join you in creating a self care basket. Or give an already assembled self care basket as a gift.
  • Give the gift of pampering. Think a spa gift card, hand or foot creams, and more.
  • Offer to be an accountability partner to motivate and hold a loved one accountable in prioritizing self care.
  • Surprise a loved one with a journal, drawing pad or adult coloring book.
  • Pass along an inspiring or helpful quote, book, article, website, app, blog post, etc.
  • Invite a loved one to join you in attending a self care related event (class, workshop, open house, etc).
  • Share your favorite calming fragrances (essential oils, hand creams, etc).

I’d love to hear what other ideas about how we can give the gift of self care.   Please feel free to leave a comment below to share your ideas.


P.S. Please feel free to reference some of the blog posts that I’ve shared on my website to help give the gift of self care to your loved ones. Additionally, those who are in the Eagan, MN area may be interested in checking out my workshop schedule and signing up for the next Creating Time for You! Workshop.

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