Self Care Strategies

Are you ready to stop making excuses for not prioritizing self care?   Are you looking for suggested strategies that may help you enhance your approach to self care?  If so, this is the post for you.    Not quite there yet?   Click here to read some quotes to inspire you or check out my last post on excuses for not prioritizing self care.

As you review the list of self care strategies below, I encourage you to remember that self care looks different for each person because we all have unique needs and interests.    I hope this list can be used to help you start thinking about and exploring which strategies may work best for you.  It may take some experimentation to identify which self care strategies you find to be the most effective.

Possible Self Care Strategies:

  • Engage in physical activity
  • Commit to healthy eating
  • Participate in deep breathing or other relaxation exercises
  • Meditation
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Engage in creative activities
  • Make time to do things that you enjoy
  • Journal
  • Pamper yourself (Whatever that means for you!)
  • Spend time with those individuals who you find to be the most supportive
  • Commit to getting enough sleep
  • Massage
  • Allow yourself time to be playful or silly
  • Seek the support of friends, family and/or a mental health professional, when needed

Still looking for more ideas?   Another great resource is a blog post written by Jodie Gale. Jodie compiled over 50 self care tips from therapist across the world.   Click here to read Jodie’s post.

As you consider what types of self care strategies you would like to try, it may also be helpful to take a look at my post about Refining Your Approach to Self Care.  That post included a list of reflection questions to help individuals assess their strengths and growth areas in their current approach to self care.

What are your favorite self care activities?   Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments area below.

Ready, Set, Take Care of YOU!

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