What is postpartum anxiety?

In my personal experience as a mom-to-be, I often heard about postpartum depression.    My doctor’s screened for it.  My friends experienced it.  It was talked about in the news.   On the other hand, I don’t remember hearing about postpartum anxiety until I began to learn more about perinatal mental health, in my role as a therapist.

6% of pregnant women develop anxiety.

10% of women develop anxiety during the postpartum period.

It is certainly normal to experience some anxiety during pregnancy and after the birth of a child.   Anxiety is a natural response to change and we know that being pregnant means lots of changes are occurring and will continue to occur.   The symptoms of perinatal  anxiety (anxiety during pregnancy or the postpartum period) are more intense and last longer than fleeting worries.

Symptoms of perinatal anxiety may include:

  • Constant worry
  • Racing thoughts
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Change in appetite (eating too much or not enough)
  • Intense fear or expecting something bad to happen
  • Difficulty relaxing
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches or feeling shaky

If you believe you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of perinatal anxiety please know you are not alone, even if no one else is talking about it.   These symptoms can be very overwhelming.  You may feel like no one understands what you are experiencing, but don’t let that stop you from reaching out for help.

A trained mental health provider can help you assess your symptoms and determine the best treatment option in order to help you obtain some relief from your anxiety.

I am available to meet with new parents in the South Metro to assess and treat symptoms of perinatal anxiety.   Please click here to read more about the counseling services I offer for new or expecting parents.   I can also be reached at 952-457-2322 or

If you are from outside of Minnesota, I suggest visiting the Postpartum Support International  website to locate support in your area.

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