Why Therapy? Why Not? (Part 1)

When people are struggling they may be hesitant to reach out for support from a therapist or counselor for a number of reasons.

5 common reasons why people are hesitant to seek therapy

  • There is still a stigma in our society associated with experiencing mental health symptoms or relationship problems and with seeking mental health services. People often feel ashamed of their struggles or believe that people who seek therapy are crazy.
  • People may believe that they should be able to handle their problems on their own or with the support of family members.
  • Seeking therapy may be believed to be a sign of weakness.
  • Some people don’t think their concerns are significant enough to warrant speaking to a therapist. They believe therapy is for those with REALLY BIG problems.
  • People may be anxious about therapy because they don’t know what to expect. They aren’t sure what therapy sessions look like, how much time is required or how much therapy costs.

People who seek therapy are not crazy and are often struggling with common issues that we all encounter in our lives.  It is a sign of strength to recognize when outside support may be needed and to seek the help of a professional.

While it is natural to feel some level of anxiety when starting anything new, there is a lot of helpful information available about what to expect when seeking therapy.   Two helpful online resources for obtaining general information about therapy are and   Additionally, many therapists have very detailed websites outlining their approach to therapy and are willing to speak with prospective clients prior to beginning the therapy.

Part two of this post explores common reasons why people may seek therapy.

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